The Good Book

Drawing on the wisdom of 2,500 years of contemplative non-religious writing on all that it means to be human – from the origins of the universe to small matters of courtesy and kindness in everyday life – A. C. Grayling has created a secular bible.


The Challenge of Things

The Challenge of Things collects Grayling’s most recent essays on the world in a time of war and conflict. By thinking through difficult topics in troubled times, Grayling examines the habits and prejudices of the mind that might otherwise trap us in a sterile cul-de-sac and opens up the possibility of more creative approaches.



  • EU Referendum

    1. NEW - Recall of MPs - July 2020 [view]
    2. NEW - #PUTNEY - June 2020 [view]
    3. Brexit: Enough is enough - June 2017 [view]
    4. Brexit: Someone needs to take a stand - June 2017 [view]
    5. Brexit: Who Benefits? Who was conned? - February 2017 [view]
    6. We Are Angry - February 2017 [view]
    7. Letter to MPs - January 2017 [view]
    8. Parliamentary Sovereignty and the EU Referendum - November 2016 [view]
    9. Letter To MPs - August 2016 [view]
    10. The EU Referendum is Not A Mandate - October 2016 [view]
    11. Open Letter to Theresa May - August 2016 [view]
    12. Parliament, the Nation, and Brexit - July 2016 [view]
    13. Reply to the Labour MP Mr Rob Marris - July 2016 [view]
  • Selected Articles by and about AC Grayling

    1. A Christian Nation? The full unedited Times article.[view]
    2. On Becoming a Philosopher [view]
    3. Diane Pretty - the case for her right to choose [view]
    4. Morality and the Churches - questioning the church's position in the social debate about morality [view]
    5. The Secular and the Sacred - why society should be secularised [view]
    6. Education and Gender Differences [view]
    7. Why China should not get the 2008 Olympics [view]
    8. Can an atheist be a fundamentalist? [view]
    9. Believers are away with the fairies - The Telegraph [view]
    10. The Ties that Bind - Identity Politics - EHRC [view]
    11. The Case for Freedom - CRE [view]
    12. Through the looking glass - on John Gray - New Humanist [view]
    13. The act of killing from 20,000 feet [view]
    14. On The Form of Things - The Australian [view]
    15. A.C. Grayling's Thought For the World's thought for the day [view]
    16. This much I know - The Guardian [view]
    17. A question of discrimination - The Guardian [view]
    18. The empty name of God - New Statesman [view]
    19. Liberty’s Resilience - Azure online [view]
    20. Faith’s last gasp - Prospect magazine [view]
  • Interviews

    1. An interview given to [view]
    2. My Family Values - Guardian interview [view]
    3. Offender of the faiths - [view]
    4. The man who would be God - [view]
    5. A.C. Grayling interviewed by Sam Harris[view]
  • Video/Audio

    1. Among the Dead Cities - televised debate [watch]
    2. Darwin, Humanism and Science - A lecture on youtube [watch]
    3. AC Grayling on the rightful place of science [watch]
    4. AC Grayling on Atheism - Philosophy Bites podcast [listen]
    5. Michael Sandel and AC Grayling in conversation[watch]
    6. A.C. Grayling on The God Argument [listen]
Books by AC Grayling
The Good StateOn the Principles of DemocracyOneworld, 2020
The History of PhilosophyAn authoritative history of philosophy covering both Western & Eastern traditionsViking, 2019
Democracy and Its CrisisThe failure of the best political system we have: democracyOneworld Publications, 2018
The Age of GeniusThe Seventeenth Century and the Birth of the Modern MindBloomsbury, 2016
The Challenge of ThingsThinking Through Troubled TimesBloomsbury, 2015
The God ArgumentThe Case Against Religion and for HumanismBloomsbury, 2013
The Good BookA Secular BibleBloomsbury, 2013
Thinking of AnswersQuestions in the Philosophy
of Everyday Life
Bloomsbury, 2010
To Set Prometheus FreeReligion, Reason and HumanityOberon, 2009
Ideas That MatterA Personal Guide for the 21st CenturyWeidenfeld, April 2009
Liberty in the Age of TerrorIn Defence of Civil Society and the West's Enlightenment ValuesBloomsbury, June 2009
Truth, Meaning
and Realism
Essays in the Philosophy
of Thought
Continuum, June 2007
Towards The LightThe Story of the Struggles for Liberty and Rights that Made the Modern WestBloomsbury, Sep 2007
The Choice Of HerculesDuty, Pleasure and the Good Life in the 21st CenturyWeid. & Nic. 2007
Against All GodsSix Polemics on Religion and an Essay on KindnessOberon, Feb 2007