Anthony Grayling CBE, MA, DPhil (Oxon) FRSL, FRSA is Master of the New College of the Humanities, and a Supernumerary Fellow of St Anne's College, Oxford. Until 2011 he was Professor of Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London. He has written and edited over thirty books on philosophy and other subjects; among his most recent are "The Good Book", "Ideas That Matter", "Liberty in the Age of Terror" and "To Set Prometheus Free". For several years he wrote the "Last Word" column for the Guardian newspaper and a column for the Times. He is a frequent contributor to the Literary Review, Observer, Independent on Sunday, Times Literary Supplement, Index on Censorship and New Statesman, and is an equally frequent broadcaster on BBC Radios 4, 3 and the World Service. He writes the "Thinking Read" column for the Barnes and Noble Review in New York, is the Editor of Online Review London, and a Contributing Editor of Prospect magazine.
In addition he sits on the editorial boards of several academic journals, and for nearly ten years was the Honorary Secretary of the principal British philosophical association, the Aristotelian Society. He is a past chairman of June Fourth, a human rights group concerned with China, and is a representative to the UN Human Rights Council for the International Humanist and Ethical Union. He is a Vice President of the British Humanist Association, the Patron of the United Kingdom Armed Forces Humanist Association, a patron of Dignity in Dying, and an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society.
Anthony Grayling was a Fellow of the World Economic Forum for several years, and a member of its C-100 group on relations between the West and the Islamic world. He has served as a Trustee of the London Library and a board member of the Society of Authors. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. In 2003 he was a Man Booker Prize judge, in 2010 was a judge of the Art Fund prize, and in 2011 the Wellcome Book Prize. He was the chairman of the 2014 Man Booker Prize.
He supports a number of charities including Plan UK, Greenpeace, Médecins Sans Frontières, Amnesty International and Freedom from Torture. He is also a sponsor of Rogbonko School in Sierra Leone.
His latest books are "War: An Enquiry" (Yale March 2017) and "Democracy and its Crisis" (Oneworld August 2017).
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Books by AC Grayling
The Good StateOn the Principles of DemocracyOneworld, 2020
The History of PhilosophyAn authoritative history of philosophy covering both Western & Eastern traditionsViking, 2019
Democracy and Its CrisisThe failure of the best political system we have: democracyOneworld Publications, 2018
The Age of GeniusThe Seventeenth Century and the Birth of the Modern MindBloomsbury, 2016
The Challenge of ThingsThinking Through Troubled TimesBloomsbury, 2015
The God ArgumentThe Case Against Religion and for HumanismBloomsbury, 2013
The Good BookA Secular BibleBloomsbury, 2013
Thinking of AnswersQuestions in the Philosophy
of Everyday Life
Bloomsbury, 2010
To Set Prometheus FreeReligion, Reason and HumanityOberon, 2009
Ideas That MatterA Personal Guide for the 21st CenturyWeidenfeld, April 2009
Liberty in the Age of TerrorIn Defence of Civil Society and the West's Enlightenment ValuesBloomsbury, June 2009
Truth, Meaning
and Realism
Essays in the Philosophy
of Thought
Continuum, June 2007
Towards The LightThe Story of the Struggles for Liberty and Rights that Made the Modern WestBloomsbury, Sep 2007
The Choice Of HerculesDuty, Pleasure and the Good Life in the 21st CenturyWeid. & Nic. 2007
Against All GodsSix Polemics on Religion and an Essay on KindnessOberon, Feb 2007